Downsizing After Retirement!

After retiring you may want to downsize your home to save a little extra money for traveling and other pleasures of life. Moving to a smaller house in another location can also be an exciting way to integrate something new into you and your partner’s life. Below are some benefits of living in more compact quarters.


Save Money for Fun Adventures

First and foremost, when you downsize, you will be able to save a great deal of money to use on things you truly enjoy doing, like going to concerts with loved ones or traveling the world. U. S. News & World Report indicated many individuals will be carrying a mortgage into retirement. By selling your home and moving into a smaller place, you can save a significant amount of money. Even if you decide to purchase another home, its smaller size will likely match the monthly mortgage payments.


Less Maintenance Required

Cleaning the house, mowing the lawn and calling to have the repairman come check out your utilities and appliances can be quite the burden in a larger home. By investing in a more quaint abode, you and your partner will have less to care for, meaning you can spend less time on chores and more time enjoying life.


Focus on What Matters Most to You

According to The Wall Street Journal, downsizing gives you a chance to closely evaluate what you care about most and tailor your new living quarters to those preferences. For example, if family is an important element of your life, you can find a small apartment or townhouse closer to those who matter most.


Reduce Your Property Tax Payments

Even if you have paid off your mortgage, you are still responsible for property tax. When you own a larger home, it can add up quickly. By switching it up and moving to a smaller place, you can save even more money on taxes and use it toward other indulgences.


Get Rid of Accumulated Stuff

Throughout your life you likely have made a habit of collecting quite a bit. Cut down on your unnecessary possessions when you downsize and make a little extra cash from holding a garage sale or selling items on Craigslist. If you still have a few precious belongings you don’t want to part with, but they won’t fit in your house,rent a storage unit at a local storage facility. For your storage needs during the transition to a smaller home, head to Storage Mart and find the perfect space for you!


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