No doubt, you’ve driven by some of the many storage unit locations in your area and possible even speculated on how you could benefit from renting one for yourself. Even if you excel in the art of simplistic living, and you don’t need a storage unit to help declutter your home, there are other creative uses for a storage unit that you might enjoy pursuing.


Rotate Seasonal Items and Decorations

Your decorations and seasonal clothes take up a great deal of room. And, when you aren’t using them for months on end, it can be annoying trying to store these belongings in your house. It cuts into valuable space you could use for other purposes.

With a climate-controlled storage unit, you can keep everything out of the way and easily access your belongings when the time is right. It’s a good idea to label everything clearly before you put it inside the unit to ensure you don’t have any trouble finding what you need when searching through it.


Create a Second Library

Are you a bookworm who loves devouring stacks of books every free moment that you can get? You might also be making your home a little crowded with all your favorite novels. However, no literature lover wants to part with his or her favorite texts, and you’re no different. A storage unit offers protection against the elements and convenient locations allow you to visit your miniature library whenever you want to pick up a few new novels.  You should also line the walls of the storage unit with small bookshelves to keep the texts off the floor while in storage.


Feel the Burn in Your Storage Unit

After the ball dropped and the new year started, you may have decided 2016 would be the year you would commit to a healthier lifestyle. If you don’t have space for a home gym and you don’t want to spend money on expensive memberships, consider renting out a storage unit with a couple buddies and creating your own personal gym inside the space.

Determine what you want to invest in for equipment, and place your order.


Stretch Your Artistic Muscles

If you are an artist searching for your own private space, consider investing in a storage unit where you can steal away to paint, draw or sculpt whenever you feel the impulse. This is especially beneficial if you are finding that your creativity is stifled when you are at your house and confronted with the responsibilities of your home life.

In addition, this space can double as a gallery for your art after you have completed pieces. A climate-controlled unit is an ideal place to store your most precious works and keep them safe from temperature changes and other potentially harmful factors.


Jam Out!

A storage unit is also a great spot for your band to practice and even get a little audience for when you are really rocking. It is an ideal solution for individuals who live in a place where they need to adhere to noise restrictions.

The protective nature of a storage unit also keeps instruments and other equipment safe when temperatures fluctuate throughout the year.


Storage Mart has 2 locations for your convenience. Head to a nearby facility and speak with one of our friendly manager about available storage units and pricing, and start using the space in your very own unique way!


Storage Mart Kansas

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2nd Location:

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